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  2. Make me admin too pliz i want ban players and want fly in usa base too with miniguns
  3. These shots coming from an average mw3 player but thank you for the compliment
  4. -Ingame Name: Fathy_Gamal -Real Age: 14 -Timezone: UTC+2 -Languages Known: Arabic and English -Discord Name: Fathy • Hawk • Devil#7321 -What are your motives for becoming a helper?(Min 200 Words) Well I'm a good person I'm famous here, a lot of guys know me in this server I respect and love others and I love helping everyone I want to be an assistant because I love this server so much I love helping people and I can help new players on this server that makes me happy because I know Commands, I can teach them how to play in this server and do tasks that earn results and money, new players often need our help to understand how the server and server commands work. I can manage well to make all the players happy. I will share my information about the game with everyone and support it with important things. I can help guide the new player,I play on the WWV server every day, so I will help out those in need when the administrators are not online. I've been at WWV for over a year so I have all the info about the game, I've been trying to apply for a responsible job for a long time. Since I'm playing on this server,I would like to be part of the team because I am a helpful and dedicated player who always helps regular players who have issues with server features and are very active in my timezone, plus my good experience. And I know all server features because I got experience about TDM and DM servers. I will do my best to help people -How do you describe yourself as a person?(Min 150 Words) I won't write much about myself, I play samp every day and I've been playing for over a year, I absolutely love helping people who ask for help, I'll give my time to help other players, I know the rules on this server, and I respect those who make efforts for each other. I describe myself as a good person, I have qualities and flaws like everyone else, but I always look for the best and try to improve everything, I am very open to other people's suggestions and I really want to improve myself, I think so I am very confident, reasonable and respectful, I like to have fun and play with my friends but I I know how to get serious when necessary, and I enjoy playing samp a lot.I am an active player, I always like to play with my friends this server, I also made some server friends through my kind and friendly manners. -How will you deal with a new player that is not able to understand a specific feature ingame? I will ask the new player, ask him what he needs and then make the appropriate decision if I have to teach him the game commands, skills somewhere and more. -Link for your stats: It does not work I want to add something: I know I'm blacklisted, but I don't know why yet, but if I do something that violates server laws, I'm sorry for that and I ask for another chance because I did nothing to be blacklisted because I'm too old for this server and I know all the laws and I can't break them, so I ask for one last chance I hope to be accepted into the team again And I'm Sorry Again Thanks For Reading
  5. Message me personally on the forums.
  6. I dont exactly remember what was my lastest name due to many names changes i have done in game (i still remember my password tho). ps: discord banned my account again, thats why i am asking for help in here.
  7. In-game Name : Elvis Real Age: 19 Timezone: GMT +1 Languages Known: English/Arabic/French Discord Name: Elvis#6764 What are your motives for becoming a helper?(Min 200 Words): I have been playing on warfare-gaming community for about 1 year before the community close, I would like to back to staff for multiple reasons. For one, I like to help new players, as well as veterans with certain problems such as bugs, rule breaker, or maybe just a personal problem. It gives you a good feeling in your stomach that you teach them the basics of Game mode, or even explaining the rules, it still gives you a good feeling. That being an admin does mean you just punish new players and watch out for hackers, it also takes patience and a willingness to do your job correctly. It also isn't for the power, which some players think. Being an admin does almost nothing. You cannot use your power to gain advantage over people, nor can you act all stuck up with your admin duties. It is a great privilege being an admin, yet, it also comes with a lot of responsibility and hard work that some people can't stand. I for one, believe I can stand this. It is easier for me to tell you why I don't want to be an admin. I don't want to be able to look all 'cool' with other people, and I don't want it to give me a reason to do whatever. I know that admins aren't invisible, and that is what some new players don't know. But also, players like to taunt and take for granted all the great things admins are doing. They go through day after day dealing with irritating hackers and rule breakers. But yet they pull through it. I have friends that are admins being afraid to watch my mouth and what I do, I just talk to them like a normal person. Because I know that I have nothing to fear from them, since they are normal players like us. Overall, I want to be an admin on WF Gaming because this is a great community. It has great players, Admins, Managers, and the server is very fun. I think it is now a time for me to give back to the community. And being an admin is more of a job than a privilege, and I would be prepared for it. I thank you for reading my application to become a staff member. How do you describe yourself as a person?(Min 150 Words): I am also a very patient person, although, it can depend on the situation. I know for such a status, I would need to keep my patience levels high no matter what, and I believe I can do that. I am also a very helpful person, and I would be glad if a few players could reply to this statement with their points of view. Furthermore, I have helped out many Cadets and new Players, and I will continue to do so, whether I get this responsibility handed to me.Allowing me to take up this job would help decrease the workload on our current Administrators. I know for a fact, that I will always be ready and willing to perform my duties from the time I log in to the server, till I log out. I will be sure to also keep a strict mentality when needed, but also be soft, kind, and charming when that's also in need. Not only that, but I swear to never get angry at any Player for any reason at all and to always be of service to the community.I would also keep in mind that becoming a staff does not give me any advantage over other Players whatsoever, and that I will/should always be treated with equal respect as them. Many seem to misjudge being a staff with having power, popularity, and generally being respected more by the average Player. However, I know for a fact, that this is not the case. Being a staff, yes, does come with “power,” but not in the way some people may see it. It comes with the “power” to help other fellow Players, not to boss them around or can't seem to understand what you're saying. Being a staff does not make you more or less of a person, but simply puts you into the position where you should always be ready to jump into action and help out whenever needed. How will you deal with a new player that is not able to understand a specific feature in-game?: If I see a player wish struggling with some feature he doesn't knows, I will ask him To Type his question in help me dialog and I will answer to him If he can't understand that thing I will speak with his language and try to understand what he wants exactly and give solutions if he didn't want to understand I will speak with helpers team to answer to the question Link for your stats: https://ucp.warfare-gaming.com/website/player-info?p=Elvis
  8. Ingame Name:[WG]MadaraPrevious Name: [WG]619 aka porcayTimezone: GMT +03:00Languages Known:Turkish,EnglishDiscord Name: twilight#3711Why do you think you should be re-instated ?(Min 200 Words) : I wanna reinstate cuz Im experienced admin on here. Also I see staff members less than 6 and I miss here and play with members or helping members now my recorder working so I can catch hackers in this server I think I still can do better for here as always i will do my best and I will always here and keep my activity higher and as always i will help people and catch hackers and I would like to rejoin due to insufficient staff I'm sure that when I become an admin again, I will restore peace on the server. and i will keep the server activity high I will be kind to everyone as I used to be. I can't find anything else to add. If staff members doesnt trust me, I'll regain your trust, no problem. I will do everything for this server I can be more active here since it's over at my school I will be active and do events again so i will get everyone used to the server and these days i'm so bored and i can't find anything to do so its good for me I will help all my friends in the staff no matter what i will stay active here and I always help others.Link for your stats: https://ucp.warfare-gaming.com/website/player-info?p=[WG]Madara
  9. Warfare Gaming is one of the best COD mode in samp and everyone have enjoyed here alot including me. We made so many friends in this community. Since the server has been running for many years, it should not be closed suddenly. Administrators are working their best in order to keep the server alive, but due to some hard circumstances that WG had faced before, the server got shut down for so many months or almost a year. WG is back again with a hope so that we can spend our time in the server like we used to do before with our friends. Let us all support Warfare Gaming and bring it back alive.
  10. Neither of the names you gave are valid, message me on discord from here.
  11. hello there my old name- opex, BananaMan or _Zy1X
  12. Dear Night, thank you for showing the interest into working with us again and spending a great amount of time building this application, Under-review.
  13. • Ingame Name: zSx. • Previous Name: NiGhT. • Timezone: (GMT-5) • Languages Known: Spanish/ English [Basic] • Discord Name: zSx.#8070 • Why do you think you should be re-instated ?(Min 200 Words): Well, first of all, my intention is to help, more than anything to help the server to improve, and to help the new players who enter to know how good and well managed the server is. This server was the first server I entered and I have a lot of love and loyalty for it, I very much hope that it grows and improves. When the server closed I felt very bad, and I tried to be active in samp and in discord, and to be aware of the opening of the server again. Before it closed, I highly recommended the server for what it transmitted to me, now I do it much more, so that the server returns to what it was before. With the opening of the server I hope it improves and I will be present when it does, because yes or yes, I will recommend and help this community and the server grow, and it will be, I am sure of that, because there are many loyal players in This is the same as me, I hope to help like everyone else, and be a support and friend for everyone, I will have much better activity than before, and I hope to contribute to the community, at least from now on, I will try to invoke Spanish-speaking players so that the server is as varied as before. Thanks. • Link for your stats: https://ucp.warfare-gaming.com/website/player-info?p=zSx.
  14. Ingame Name: [SB]666.Previous Name: LuciferTimezone: GMT+2Languages Known: Arabic and English (Fluently)Discord Name: Ahmed#0359Why do you think you should be re-instated ? Well, I do not have a specific reason other than that I was making efforts to keep the server in its best condition, helping people, kicking cheaters ass and after hearing that the server is hosted back again, I would really like to complete making efforts to keep the server better in its resurrection and insure the atmosphere for newbies to help getting the playerbase as it used to be in the past days without obstacles as unknown commands or cheaters who can disturb our newbies gaming experience, also why do I think that I should be re-instated that I can do all the previous things I've mentioned without mistakes on the long-term, keeping everything perfect and professional too. Minding my experience in SA-MP which has exceeded 9-10 years, and managing/administrating experience which has exceeded 7-8 years and my English skills which allows me talking in English fluently without hesitations. Nota bene : tbh, I noticed that I did not reach the 200 words count but actually that is what I got in my mind for real.Link for your stats: https://imgur.com/QpbVvdW Sincerely, 666.
  15. Do not cut the borders, send a full screen.
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