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  1. Dear Warfare Gaming Members, Hi, been a long time, hadn't had the time to pay a visit here. I have been informed recently that the player base has been on a constant decline and its almost dead at this point. So we have decided there isn't, any point in continuing to keep the server and especially the hosted tab running when players are actually no players playing. WG will always be immortal in the hearts and minds of the players who enjoyed it while the ship was sailing. Now its time to let it rest. Never thought, just a random project started during COVID lockdown with the aim to just relive the game we used to play as a kid would be liked and supported by so many people. I'm really thankful to all you guys be it Managers, Admins,Ex Admins, even the players that helped make what WG is today, wouldn't be possible without your efforts. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and its time for WG as well. Once again thanks a lot to every player, admin, staff member, its been a memorable journey we will never be able to forget and will be always cherished in our memories. Thanks for being a part of the Warfare Gaming Family. The server as of now will remain Online till 13 April 2022 and can be extended for a little while in case players request it, however, the hosted tab will not be renewed.
  2. Ban Already Expired . You can rejoin
  3. Update your SS is 3 days old. There was a maintenance issue and we few players had lost 3 hours of data. So nothing is a bug ur stats has been refunded.
  4. Its just capture zones probably got bugged . Not a big issue as u are making it to be. If u face similar issue again make a ticket thats why acc recovery tickets exist.
  5. Utilice este formato para solicitar una anulación de la prohibición. También puedes unirte a nuestros servidores de discordia, encontrarás administradores españoles que te ayudarán. https://discord.gg/3d3a8eWeu3
  6. U have been unbanned after discussing in DM
  7. I banned you for being toxic not cuz u questioned your jail I dont have issues with you questioning but the way u ask it. Insulting people like blind etc and being salty when everyone else trying to cooperate in ur case
  8. I think you still dont understand , the part of being polite . Stay banned
  9. Again stop insulting people this is ur last warning , If I see u call someone blind stupid or anything derogatory you will be banned forever. Coming to the point record ur gameplay if u so much think u are being targeted or rather start behaving politely which would help u communicate with staff better and avoid punishments We run a community we appreciate players playing here but are no means , interested in getting insulted
  10. Things do get compounded over time with you keep on making posts shaming people and keep complaining when you urself not being innocent completely
  11. Explain it to them , thats all u can do , and if u have an issue report it a proper polite way. Not provoke them in main chat or calling them things like stupid which u clearly end up doing. If they make a mistake sure go report but have u seen how u talk ?
  12. It clearly visible how many chances you have been given yet you talk about suffer.
  13. Already told you . There are no proofs for an 1 minute jail. stop creating multiple topics
  14. You have been warned enough times you and your friend both for toxic attitude. Please check the reply given to the other thread the same applies for you. We appreciate your playing here but we don't you toxic behaviour. We do have enough evidence of your inappropriate behaviour including that in today's instance . So please stop using this section to harass people .

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