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  1. Negative. you can't control yourself when you become angry and you don't help new players, and you always insult players who kills you. so no from me, sorry good luck.
  2. AWm Has been warned for inactivity on 14/1/2022. (1/3). TheBigGuy has been fired due to inactivity on 14/1/2022. Bedo has been hired as a recruit on 14/1/2022. Eloven Has been fired due to inactivity on 16/1/2022. (3/3) AWm has been warned due to inactivity on 16/1/2022. (2/3) Bedo has been promoted to Senior member on 19/01/2021.
  3. You are Banned, this thread has been Closed.
  4. TheBigGuy has been hired as Recruit on 5/01/2022.
  5. Your IN-GAME name :- [RFD]Darkly Your discord username :- (darkly#8110) Have you already read and accepted all the tournament rules and going to stick to it :- (Yes/No) Yes.

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