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  1. -Ingame Name: Breath_X_Grezex -Real Age: 18 -Timezone: (GMT+5) -Languages Known: urdu,hindi,english -Discord Name: HalfPeace -What are your motives for becoming a helper? i have seen many hackers in the server but no admin and that stuff just hurts me the most when u die like 10 20 times than u leave cause there's nothing u can do until a admin comes and banns the hacker. this is just one of the reason's why new player/new good players leave servers cause there k/d gets bad and they stop coming. I Wanna help the new players and banned some of the old players who might think that they are not gonna be banned cause they are old in the server and no one would even notice. Not pointing any fingers but alot of old players thinks this way. I personally been banned twice cause admin thought I was aimboting so don't want any innocent players being banned cause they might not miss 3 shots in a row and get Banned cause of it. (There are alot of stuff i can talk about but 200 words) -How do you describe yourself as a person? i am someone who talk's alot and is very friendly sometimes get angry but doesn't abuses. A samp veteran been playing for 6 years. i have been an admin in 5 servers who are well known among many of the player's so i am an experienced admin who knows what he's doing. I have many friends in the server well at least i think they are my friends. I wanna help the admin's . i know about many of the admin commands and i have been here for long enough to know all the server rules and the other mechanics. -How will you deal with a new player that is not able to understand a specific feature ingame? ask him/her about what feature he/she is unable to understand tell him/her about the feature and tell the command to use that feature. -Link for your stats: Status Thank You For Reading +1 -1
  2. sorry for the late reply my electricity just went out
  3. - Ingame name: Breath[RD] - Ban reason: aimbot - Date of ban: 13/10/2021 - Admin that banned you: Howitzer - Explanation: idk y he thought i was hacking but ive been recording after i got ban for the first time but unfortunately i haven't record when i was banned i can upload some of my shots on the youtube if u people want me to but before i want the admin who banned me to upload the proof - Do you admit that you broke the server rules/cheated: no but if killing admin is a server rule then yes - Provide screenshots of your CLEAN GTA:SA folder (including cleo folder having no cheats, if exists):
  4. now i saw that i look like a temp name using deagle i wont even use it once in the game Good skills man
  5. Breath

    [WTF]GameZz - Gameplay

    ur not bad but where am i y u haven't killed me yet
  6. i like the music and nice kills but im curios about taskilatsiz k/d ratio he is always coming and dying from everyone
  7. Breath


    Your in-game name: Breath Explanation about the bug: idk y but i cant do damage with the sniper but the other gun are working fine like giving damage and all that and the guy in front of me is also having the same issue u can see that my armour is getting damaged but it refills for some reason. I've relogged several times and used /sync too but it ain't working . Video(s), Screenshoot(s) About the bug: Have u seen anyone abuse the bug: nah
  8. Breath


    its been a whole day no replies than what am i suppose to do if i played that much i would have gained some scores and made some new friends in the server but its been so quiet and ive been just checking the server if i was still banned or not but I'm disappointed that no one is replying u guys are not even following ur own rules like admin is suppose to take action under 24 hours its written on the rules
  9. discord link is expired send a new unexpired one in the website thank u
  10. Breath


    and plz send me the proof in the next reply
  11. Breath


    - Ingame name:Breath - Ban reason:hacks - Date of ban:7/10/2021 - Admin that banned you: idk - Explanation: i was killing temp names at soviet base with m4 and didnt missed that many shots i think its a mistake n Files all clear and can u guys show me the proves that i was hacking any vid ? - Do you admit that you broke the server rules/cheated: nah - Provide screenshots of your CLEAN GTA:SA folder (including cleo folder having no cheats, if exists):

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