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  1. Ingame Name: [SB]666.Previous Name: LuciferTimezone: GMT+2Languages Known: Arabic and English (Fluently)Discord Name: Ahmed#0359Why do you think you should be re-instated ? Well, I do not have a specific reason other than that I was making efforts to keep the server in its best condition, helping people, kicking cheaters ass and after hearing that the server is hosted back again, I would really like to complete making efforts to keep the server better in its resurrection and insure the atmosphere for newbies to help getting the playerbase as it used to be in the past days without obstacles as unknown commands or cheaters who can disturb our newbies gaming experience, also why do I think that I should be re-instated that I can do all the previous things I've mentioned without mistakes on the long-term, keeping everything perfect and professional too. Minding my experience in SA-MP which has exceeded 9-10 years, and managing/administrating experience which has exceeded 7-8 years and my English skills which allows me talking in English fluently without hesitations. Nota bene : tbh, I noticed that I did not reach the 200 words count but actually that is what I got in my mind for real.Link for your stats: https://imgur.com/QpbVvdW Sincerely, 666.
  2. Banned, thanks for reporting.
  3. Lucifer_


    Banned, thanks for reporting.
  4. Lucifer_


    Not enough proofs.
  5. Lucifer_


    Banned, thanks for reporting.
  6. Have you even read requirements ?
  7. Astrend has been recruited to the clan on 26/12/2021.
  8. Tournament has been cancelled due to the lack of participants.
  9. Breath has received the last warning and fired due to inactivity on 20/12/2021. (3/3) RonaldFzX Has been warned for inactivity on 20/12/2021. (2/3) Eloven has been demoted to recruit and warned for inactivity on 20/12/2021. (1/3) Trevor has been promoted to be a general member on 20/12/2021. Legend has been promoted to amateur on 20/12/2021. Awm has been promoted to amateur on 20/12/2021. NaT.cs has been promoted to trusted member on 20/12/2021.
  10. What kind of help are you talking about specifically?
  11. Lucifer_

    Unban 2

    Wow, what a cool cheats bundle. Stays banned.

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