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  1. Message me personally on the forums.
  2. Neither of the names you gave are valid, message me on discord from here.
  3. Dear Night, thank you for showing the interest into working with us again and spending a great amount of time building this application, Under-review.
  4. Can you please send a full ss of the game directory and inside cleo / samp funcs not cropped 2-3 screenshots
  5. Send in english then, it looks blury
  6. The one highlighted with yellow, thats date modification
  7. The data modification of each folder you sent is blured, send actual screenshost
  8. Send with data modified unblured
  9. Send screenshot of your files
  10. Its [IRAN]Tony_Stark Resolved.
  11. Please dm me in discord, I need to verify some personal information of your account to make sure its you.
  12. Does your account contain the [DF] tag perhaps?
  13. We need you to cooperate more with us, if you dont remember your name please give us at least some words you still remember as a piece of the whole name. ([DF]AZim was not found as registered)

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