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  1. Ryder_

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    @Bidhan[vT] has been promoted to Senior Admin on 5/3/2022. @Cutie_doll has been promoted to Moderator on 5/3/2022.
  2. No action will be taken against amirking due to lack of proofs, there is nothing that proves anything here. Locked
  3. Your videos don't prove anything, I don't see anything weird here.. I don't see anything to suspect, It's very easy to hit you from these positions without any doubts.
  4. Ryder_

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    @Master has reinstated as Junior Admin on 1/2/2022. @Ninou has been promoted to Junior Admin on 7/2/2022 @DarKly_ has resigned from his General Admin on 29/1/2022. @tzuwie has resigned from his Moderator on 31/1/2022. @Mexi has been hired as Helper on 12/2/2022.
  5. Accepted DM me on discord
  6. Accepted, contact me on discord
  7. Do you think you will be ever accepted? You are blacklisted from joining the team, don't bother applying once again
  8. Ryder_

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    @Lucifer_ has resigned from his General Admin position on 16/10/2022.
  9. What did he post? he kinda deleted it

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