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  4. welcome back, hopefully this time your gta sa folder are clean
  5. cheak my unban appeal


  6. You didn't meet the min word requirement for both question you didn't put any efforts in your application. Negative.
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    @Alphatester has been fired from his moderator position on the 11/22/2021
  8. Requirements:- 1)You must have 50hr in game time.2)You must have 2.0 KDR3)Decent English. 4)You must have atleast 3k(3000) score in game. (Note this requirement closed for now) 5)Have qualities of being mature and loyal. 6)Must be active in-game daily or to similar extent.7)Clean ban in the past month and , if you get caught hacking you will be kicked and permanently forbidden from joining clan ever again. Kind Greetings, #RapidForcesTEAM
  9. Rapid Forces Application:- 1)What's your in-game name? 2)What is your age and where do you live? 3)Have you ever been banned? If so,how many times you got banned! When and why ? 4)Why do you wish to join our clan? 5)Do you have any knowledge regarding deagle/sniper? 6)How long have you been playing WWV? 7)Do you meet our requirements? 8)How can you contribute to our clan? 9)Post a screenshot of your in-game stats.[/b] You should follow the format to avoid getting your application refused for any reason Kind Greetings, #RapidForcesTEAM
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  11. Greetings fellas, it is Rolex, I am here to announce that I have created my own clan and as well, I do welcome any skilled player. we're here as a family, I made this clan to have some fun with the new folks, we will also always be prepared for tournaments and clan wars, some of you may know who's Rolex obviously and some others may dont. you can feel free and investigate about my skills which I am known with. The Rapid Forces Division will always be opened for new members who are looking for a competitive and funny place to hang out and play. We do welcome all skilled players, and I can offer you a training course if you are looking forward to improve your gameplay. We also do have our own discord server. I will always assure you an interesting journey, endless joy and an unforgettable experience with the rapid forces division. Just to ensure professionalism, we will only accept professional and skilled players only. Last but not least, our motto is "Quality before quantity'' Sincerely, Rapid Forces division owners. ~ Rolex ~ @Lucifer_ ~ @Master

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