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  1. Do not cut the borders, send a full screen.
  2. Master

    famed app

    11/14 or 10/14 it's standing on either this vote will be counted or no. "But i do wonder if you have the ability to vote anymore or no, ."
  3. Master

    i can record.

    Literally, it's a time waste.
  4. Isn't it weird? You wanted to go there to use another helmet?!! Is helmet/backpack usable while you're in a vehicle? Lmao. Let an admin take a discission.
  5. In-Game name:- [RFD]Master In-Game name:- Name of the player you are reporting:- [WG]Dexter_ Why reporting him:- Suicide to evade death, as the screen shows, after i broke his helmet he stayed inside his vehicle to avoid getting killed by me. The player is a WG tag holder. Proof/Evidence:-
  6. Won't we take over DA again? Haha Great as always.
  7. Since you don't know what was that, i think you didn't/ don't have the right to ask for it, no?
  8. @Ryder_shouldn't this be banned?
  9. Dat's wrong, world can't be full of clowns like you, normals are here to encourage you to go ahead.
  10. I am having a feeling that 2022 will be year of clowns tho, lol. She/ he doesn't know who are we. actually, this guy is cringe.
  11. Although i am not a nF memeber neither do i know any of them except 2 or 3, i am inactive since 2 months which proves your high iq (it must be under 0). Finally see you soon.. maybe crying, lmao. @WilddowDetectedclowns everywhere
  12. Actually, you're proving that you used aimbot meanwhile you denied that on the main page, you accepted it here by this post. I dont know which iq is this. -anyway it'll take about 2 weeks to get your ban lifted.

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