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  1. Warfare Gaming is one of the best COD mode in samp and everyone have enjoyed here alot including me. We made so many friends in this community. Since the server has been running for many years, it should not be closed suddenly. Administrators are working their best in order to keep the server alive, but due to some hard circumstances that WG had faced before, the server got shut down for so many months or almost a year. WG is back again with a hope so that we can spend our time in the server like we used to do before with our friends. Let us all support Warfare Gaming and bring it back alive.
  2. Bidhan[vT]


    We too are not sure either it's closed or not.
  3. Bidhan[vT]

    Staff Application.

    You still are toxic towards others. -1
  4. Application has been denied due to downvotes.
  5. You have to improve your activity a little bit more. And you accuse the players sometimes, but every person should get a chance to improve themselves. I'm giving you a chance hoping that you will not disappoint me. Positive.
  6. Well, you didn't get my point. I'm not supporting him, neither he is my friend to support him with. He is a teammate from the staff, I also haven't told that you should notify him if you are recording him. I just mean that amirking didn't recognize that you were suspecting him for cheats. I'm not with anyone, I was just trying to fulfill my responsibility as a staff. I just told what I saw because that thing happens to me as well. If you want other administrators to reply in this ticket instead of me then it's okay, I can understand.
  7. He didn't have any idea that you were recording him so why are you asking for yesterdays videos now? I don't know what you guys are trying to do but i don't see any suspicious thing on your video.
  8. @Fatemeh (Ariana) I've seen your videos and didn't find anything suspicious. The angle was normal for Amirking but it was different from your point of view and he was able to aim easily at you from your current position.
  9. The player has been banned. Thanks for reporting.
  10. I like your montage. + 1 subscriber from me XD.
  11. Ilhan, Your proofs are solid about team up in Sniper Deathmatch and the player has been warned privately since he is a WG tag holder and has already apologized. We will be observing him from now on.
  12. The player has been banned. Thanks for reporting.

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