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  1. Hello mates! Maybe some users remember me from my staff time or "Wanakin... "Wanakin..." topic or maybe i banned u any time lol. Anyway, lets make a poll, lets do this, lets get the server on again. If DuskFawn approves obviously. Server best moment was on: Staff old rules. Users old rules. Old GM and start again with some updates, slowly. Tell your reason why you think WG should back? What you love from the sv?, everyone wants WG online again!
  2. Small message for the Warfare Gaming community, it has been almost a year since I entered this community as a user and administrator, my first server in English, and believe me I feel more comfortable than in the servers in Spanish, thanks especially to DuskFawn, Tamil, Astrend, Luna, Skyline, Lit who were the ones who received me and helped me in every way, from my level of English to my career in the staff, today I returned as Senior Admin to the server and I do not regret that, I won many friends and never had a problem with anyone, Wanakin came back Although I was inactive twice due to personal problems they still saved me a little place on the staff and they remembered me, thanks DuskFawn, Tamil, thanks to the users for playing and making this community a much better one, Warfare Gaming rules! Wilddow, Omarbel, Luna, Astrend, Eloven, Skyline, Tamil, Duskfawn, Arkham, Ryder, staff team and old users
  3. Wanakin

    nice ban

    Agregando a la apelacion de desbaneo, DuskFawn se me adelantó. Quitate el sprinthook, y deja de hacer c-bug que tu mismo acabas de confesar. De igual modo, el c-bug está permitido solamente en /cbdm (C-bug DeathMatch). Puedes encontrar informacion acerca de nuestras arenas en /help>Arenas. De igual modo me disculpo por la sanción y la horrible calidad de los videos, eran lo suficientemente buenos pero no se que le paso a mi capturadora que grabó en muy baja calidad. Agregado de mi ultimo edit: No subiste tu carpeta de gta sa y cleo con sus datos de modificación, esto se tendrá en cuenta para tu próxima apelación de desbaneo.
  4. Server manager announcement. Thanks for apply for helper. This applications is automatically denied. The answer doesn't meet the minimum word required. We already told you a lot of times don't use google translator for apply. And you was telling you are admin without being. Now, please don't tell you are staff because you are not staff. You may re-apply on 3 weeks.
  5. Wanakin

    nice ban

    Buenos dias. Como primera medida solicitaré que no publicites otros servidor como medida de mostrar tus pruebas que eres habilidoso. Como segunda medida, solicitaré que subas SS de tu carpeta cleo, y GTA SA con los datos de modificación. En primer punto se tepidió que dejes de hacer litefoot, es distinto a una finta y es bastante facil de confundir con un c-bug. Bien, en segundo punto se te advirtió que remuevas el sprinthook o sprintblind o como quieras llamarlo, el cleo para correr mas rapido, puesto que corres a una velocidad mas rapida que la de un jugador normal. En tercer punto, fuiste sospechoso por aimbot puesto que si bien, es posible tener esa habilidad, fallas muy pocos disparos y curiosamente siempre a la cabeza. https://youtu.be/QMS_R1CC9yE En este video se nota una de tus balas de Spaz o escopeta de combate desvíandose hacia mí, claramente no me estas apuntando de frente ni en un buen angulo. Y en este ultimo video se te vé haciendo el litefoot que previamente se solicitó que dejes de hacer.
  6. Server Manager Announce. Hello,thank you for your report. In this case your proof isn't sufficient enough and our staff act accordingly based our procedure Unfortunately the complain has been denied.
  7. Server Manager Announce. Unfortunately your application has been denied. Enough votes on negatives and you was asking for be accepted. You can re apply en 1 week, enjoy our features and server, be patient and good luck.
  8. +1 Its helplful and good people, i hope you can go back to your old activity.
  9. Server Manager Announce. Unfortunately your application has been denied. You can re apply in 2 weeks . Good Luck. Pay attention and read our recomendations to your next application. Application LOCKED.
  10. Can you upload normal screenshot to forum? Or upload it to youtube if its a video.
  11. Server Manager Announce. Thanks for your time applying, unfortunately the most votes are negatives. I have understand is not your first time applying, so you have 2 weeks for re-apply to be admin. Application Denied. Locked. WG Server Manager - Neptune.
  12. Server Manager Announce The staff can start to vote on application, the user knows how to launch nuke. WG-Server Manager Neptune.
  13. I have understand your english is weak. Try to skill it a little bit more, and don't use translator for better communication if you are accepted in staff team. Negative for me.
  14. Server manager announce This topic its on pause for 24 hours since now. The user has this 24 hours to explore all our features. When the 24hours finish, the staff can re-start to reply again here.
  15. The user maked another topic, this complaint it's LOCKED.

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