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  1. You were banned in the past 30 days, you don't meet the requirements as stated in: "Clean ban, kick and any sort of punishment record in the past 30 days." Auto denied.
  2. Your application has been accepted. Welcome to the team!
  3. Please don't send duels with a knife for now, you should be well aware of that as it isn't the first time. Hope it doesn't happen again, [EX][ARF]SalahShour is unbanned. Locked.
  4. Alright so, I would like to see your perspective of the following videos if you got any. Based on my personal experience, these shots aren't possible to do without any kind of cheat/hack. Regarding your GTA Folder, for me it really doesn't mean anything as you're an ex-admin and you already know how to fake that and it isn't even that hard to do for a beginner. For the first video, you can see you're clearly not even visible on my screen as any other normal player would and yet you're still hitting me, behind that wooden hut and also through the DA Hangar doors. If there is any possible explanation for that, I would say it's possibly lagging issues? So I took it upon myself to make sure of it and still got even more videos with the exact same scenario. The second one, you were camping near the mountain at DA, shooting everyone from there and once again, out of nowhere, you magically headshot me through the hangar itself. It wasn't even a shot through the doors, I was way inside the left corner of the hangar and it doesn't even make any difference for you apparently, does it? For my last one, you came in fast into DA's field and instantly killed my teammate then continue on shooting my head through the hangar doors again. What I noticed this time is that you also continued shooting me even after you died and the Anti Cheat detected you, which I have no explanation for. And finally the last thing I want to ask about is how do you always know where we are all going? First you assumed we were regrouping together then you suddenly got the thought that someone is going to capture big ear which both could be explained with others using "/loc" on us but after I captured big ear myself, you still knew exactly where we were all going to be although we were all invisible on the radar. Notice the timeframe between when you said it and when I actually started capturing it.
  5. Saw you actively helping players recently in your time zone, friendly and mature. Good to see you back! +1
  6. I see you're freely joining in-game now, have fun in the server!
  7. I checked your nickname, you're not banned. Try restarting your router or show me the message you see when you try to join the server.
  8. ElectroNinja


    We're aware of the bug and currently working on a fix for it. Thanks for reporting.
  9. Would you mind explaining this video for me? I don't see any situation where you could hit a shot like that while someone is running in the head, you weren't even looking at him and then turned around and shot him in the head. After that you shoot exactly 5 bullets of M4 on him while none of them missed, you left the recoil for no purpose even though you could've finished him with his 1 HP, stopped for a sec then started shooting again while missing. My only explanation is that you turned on your aimbot and forgot to toggle it back off, that shot is simply not possible to do unless you got extremely lucky. If you have anything else to say or a video proof of you doing that shot again, I would like to see. Otherwise it's clearly you using aimbot.
  10. Bug will be fixed next reboot. Unbanned.
  11. Alright mate, I know that already. Just because you right clicked on your GTA Folder and showed its properties with no "Date Modified" visible, doesn't mean you never edited it. As you said, you wanted to wait so let's wait till the video is done uploading.
  12. That's just because what you're inspecting is a file, not a folder. I have tried to "refresh" my GTA folder and the Modified Date doesn't change, you can keep trying to lie as you wish but it'll change nothing until we see our video proof.

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