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  1. -Ingame Name: Fathy_Gamal -Real Age: 14 -Timezone: UTC+2 -Languages Known: Arabic and English -Discord Name: Fathy • Hawk • Devil#7321 -What are your motives for becoming a helper?(Min 200 Words) Well I'm a good person I'm famous here, a lot of guys know me in this server I respect and love others and I love helping everyone I want to be an assistant because I love this server so much I love helping people and I can help new players on this server that makes me happy because I know Commands, I can teach them how to play in this server and do tasks that earn results and money, new players often need our help to understand how the server and server commands work. I can manage well to make all the players happy. I will share my information about the game with everyone and support it with important things. I can help guide the new player,I play on the WWV server every day, so I will help out those in need when the administrators are not online. I've been at WWV for over a year so I have all the info about the game, I've been trying to apply for a responsible job for a long time. Since I'm playing on this server,I would like to be part of the team because I am a helpful and dedicated player who always helps regular players who have issues with server features and are very active in my timezone, plus my good experience. And I know all server features because I got experience about TDM and DM servers. I will do my best to help people -How do you describe yourself as a person?(Min 150 Words) I won't write much about myself, I play samp every day and I've been playing for over a year, I absolutely love helping people who ask for help, I'll give my time to help other players, I know the rules on this server, and I respect those who make efforts for each other. I describe myself as a good person, I have qualities and flaws like everyone else, but I always look for the best and try to improve everything, I am very open to other people's suggestions and I really want to improve myself, I think so I am very confident, reasonable and respectful, I like to have fun and play with my friends but I I know how to get serious when necessary, and I enjoy playing samp a lot.I am an active player, I always like to play with my friends this server, I also made some server friends through my kind and friendly manners. -How will you deal with a new player that is not able to understand a specific feature ingame? I will ask the new player, ask him what he needs and then make the appropriate decision if I have to teach him the game commands, skills somewhere and more. -Link for your stats: It does not work I want to add something: I know I'm blacklisted, but I don't know why yet, but if I do something that violates server laws, I'm sorry for that and I ask for another chance because I did nothing to be blacklisted because I'm too old for this server and I know all the laws and I can't break them, so I ask for one last chance I hope to be accepted into the team again And I'm Sorry Again Thanks For Reading
  2. I don't know how to convert it to English But.....There are some admins who understand the Arabic language In Staff Team
  3. The modification date is in the screenshots But in Arabic I didn't hide anything
  4. - Ingame name:Fathy_Gamal - Ban reason:Idk - Date of ban:17 Or 18 September I think - Admin that banned you: Idk - Explanation:I was trying to login to the server and I got a message that I'm banned - Do you admit that you broke the server rules/cheated:No
  5. Nice Video & Skills @Sayra is pro
  6. Fathy • Hawk


    Nice Video & Nice Skills !
  7. Welcome to WWV server ! My in-game name : Fathy_Gamal Tell me if you need help in-game ? Have fun !

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