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  1. maybe [DF]Just idk what was my last name
  2. my acc was created in 30.10.2020 if im not mistaken
  3. i dont remember my last name
  4. i forgot my name, my last name was [DF]AZim or other names, i dont remember
  5. I’ve been on this server a lot and made a lot of friends during that time. Unfortunately, WG is off, I will never forget all friends and good times I spent at WG. Hopefully WG will open again
  6. QwerT123


    Bye bye bro Good luck
  7. Nice skills, Good Luck mate
  8. QwerT123

    Unban App

    - Ingame name:[DF]AZ - Ban reason:Cheats I Dont know - Date of ban:02.10.2010 - Yesterday - Admin that banned you: Idk - Explanation: Yesterday i joined but there is a note on my screen saying BANNED - Do you admit that you broke the server rules/cheated: No - Unban Helper File (unban_app.dat) or - Provide screenshots of your CLEAN GTA:SA folder (including cleo folder having no cheats, if exists):

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