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  1. Ingame Name:[WG]MadaraPrevious Name: [WG]619 aka porcayTimezone: GMT +03:00Languages Known:Turkish,EnglishDiscord Name: twilight#3711Why do you think you should be re-instated ?(Min 200 Words) : I wanna reinstate cuz Im experienced admin on here. Also I see staff members less than 6 and I miss here and play with members or helping members now my recorder working so I can catch hackers in this server I think I still can do better for here as always i will do my best and I will always here and keep my activity higher and as always i will help people and catch hackers and I would like to rejoin due to insufficient staff I'm sure that when I become an admin again, I will restore peace on the server. and i will keep the server activity high I will be kind to everyone as I used to be. I can't find anything else to add. If staff members doesnt trust me, I'll regain your trust, no problem. I will do everything for this server I can be more active here since it's over at my school I will be active and do events again so i will get everyone used to the server and these days i'm so bored and i can't find anything to do so its good for me I will help all my friends in the staff no matter what i will stay active here and I always help others.Link for your stats: https://ucp.warfare-gaming.com/website/player-info?p=[WG]Madara
  2. dont share your email. Be careful
  3. seems nobody online wanakin.
  4. Madara

    i forgot

    bro wake up to reality. server is closed
  5. Madara


    what a good news will miss u rogu.
  6. please use correct format ; Application form: -Ingame Name: -Real Age: -Timezone: -Languages Known: -Discord Name: -What are your motives for becoming a helper?(Min 200 Words) -How do you describe yourself as a person?(Min 150 Words) -How will you deal with a new player that is not able to understand a specific feature ingame? -Link for your stats: note : only JA+ can make reinstate application.
  7. Seems Problem Solved Locked.
  8. Madara

    Ban Appeal

    Ur Addresses are censored. Feel free

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