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  1. Make me admin too pliz i want ban players and want fly in usa base too with miniguns
  2. These shots coming from an average mw3 player but thank you for the compliment
  3. I dont exactly remember what was my lastest name due to many names changes i have done in game (i still remember my password tho). ps: discord banned my account again, thats why i am asking for help in here.
  4. Will dm you on my second cuz i can not access to the main one. miss you too.
  5. Good bye [DF]Azim, you were so strong. Arab team will be missing you!
  6. Wallahi, o9sim bilah I can't, random fatboy.
  7. Good luck bro XD! (Wanted to check discord yday but forgot its pass acc so in case if someone tought i ignored or something ) Good luck guys
  8. Half of it will be merged with reni upcoming one very soon, dont wanna mess up the surpr. I will barely be nowadays in the forums/discord as well, few more time and i will be super active once again.
  9. Half of it will be ft with reni soon so yeah first people whom have replied got it

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