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Ingame Name:[oL]PorcaySS
Real Age: 18 
Timezone: GMT +03:00
Links to Spotify or Soundcloud Profile(optional but recommended): not have (deleted)

What genres of music do you play:POP,RAP,TRAP

What are your motives for becoming a DJ?(Min 200 Words) I looked a lot of motivation, there is no active DJ anyway, so I thought I'd make an application.i have some experience in this dj i did a few djs in discord I am very compatible with music, depending on your opinions, I hope I will get into this job. and i used to DJ on some servers but now i don't know what happened to them i think it was deleted and I think I will be successful here, it will be difficult to be a moderator and DJ, but I can undertake this job easily. As I say in every application, it will be a joy and honor for me to undertake this job. Even if it is rejected, thank you, there is nothing more valuable than staff teams.I love you all and I hope you vote me well I will do my job very well have me confidence and I have nothing else to say, my taste in singing is very good, I love you all, I hope I get positive votes Finally, I know the names of almost all the singers, that's all.I guess I don't have anything else to say, I hope I'll be accepted.
How do you any pervious experience streaming?(Min 200 Words) it hasn't happened yet but I plan to do it already my friends are doing it I'm thinking of joining them if i join them i will let your know I guess I can't find anything else to write here because I don't have a broadcast history.
Any other info you may wish to include? : nah

Which of the station do you wish to apply:EDM

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1 hour ago, [vT]Bidhan[Dz] said:

You have failed the minimum word requirements. -1

I editted

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