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DF clan base

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  1. Clan Name: Desert fury
    Total clan members: 65
    Clan base city location (LS/LV/SF): LV
    Clan base size (approximate size of the base on the san andreas map - just draw a square on the picture posted below):
    Clan base object count: 65
    Clan base vehicle count: 10
    Clan base health pickup (YES/NO): yes
    Clan base armour pickup (YES/NO): yes
    Clan base weapon pickups (YES - name of weapons / NO): yes, combat shotgun
    Clan base HEAVY vehicle count (maximum 5 for small clans, 10 for medium, 15 for large, Hunter, Hydra, Rhino, Seasparrow, Rustler):
    One hunter, One hydra, one rhino, two rustlers. total 5
    Clan base spawn point coordinates (x, y, z):
  2.  More pictures for clarity. this is the environment of the base:
  3. sa-mp-046.thumb.png.9bdd35dbf01f47ac821629ee8a2a5fb5.pngsa-mp-048.thumb.png.bb8259ab1b6d57b2da7088d2e6f03ba3.pngsa-mp-049.thumb.png.adf3f147f4caff742e60f6ca21926484.png


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