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Happy Ending

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Dear Warfare Gaming Members,

Hi, been a long time, hadn't had the time to pay a visit here. I have been informed recently that the player base has been on a constant decline and its almost dead at this point. So we have decided there isn't, any point in continuing to keep the server and especially the hosted tab running when players are actually no players playing. WG will always be immortal in the hearts and minds of the players who enjoyed it while the ship was sailing. Now its time to let it rest.

Never thought, just a random project started during COVID lockdown with the aim to just relive the game we used to play as a kid would be liked and supported by so many people. I'm really thankful to all you guys be it Managers, Admins,Ex Admins, even the players that helped make what WG is today, wouldn't be possible without your efforts.  Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and its time for WG as well.

Once again thanks a lot to every player, admin, staff member, its been a memorable journey we will never be able to forget and will be always cherished in our memories. Thanks for being a part of the Warfare Gaming Family.

The server as of now will remain Online till 13 April 2022 and can be extended for a little while in case players request it, however, the hosted tab will not be renewed.





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